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After years of being unhealthy and overweight, I experienced a summer of major health scares. Long Training Studios helped put me on a path not just to being thinner, but feeling a heck of a lot better, too. Instead of just paying for a gym membership I'll never use, I get quality instruction, small groups to keep me from being isolated, and a nice workout space that doesn't feel like an over-sized European dance club.

Do I have time for personal training and working out? No. But because Tracie and her team held me accountable and motivated me to keep at my new found level of health and fitness has given me tons of energy. I am now more productive, taking up new hobbies, and able to cause way more trouble than I'd been able to in years.

It feels good not to be fat anymore, but it's even better to feel like myself again.

Nick Nafpliotis 
Band Director, Laing Middle School



Neal Kinard, first workout, June 2014

While shooting and editing Tracie's latest fitness videos (Jan 2014) I kept telling myself I needed to start working out again. Six months later I was still telling myself that (but not doing anything about it). During this time Tracie was training my daughter and helping her prepare for her senior prom. She lost 22 pounds and two dress sizes. One day I weighed myself and I was 299 pounds. There was no way I wanted to hit the 300-pound mark, so I asked Tracie to help me. We worked out a fitness and eating plan. Four months later I have drop 40 pounds and 6 inches off my waist. Tracie is a master of knowing just how far to push you to get you to do more,  but not push you so hard that you want to quit.  I have every bit of confidence that I'll reach my goal of 75 pounds in no time with her help. 



 Neal Kindard, October 28, 2014


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