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BLUEFISH Fitness Club
Formerly V Health Club

We started business in April 2004 as V with the defining line, "Strength, Life, Purpose". Our original concept was to establish a club that catered to the young, upwardly mobile folks here in town. As we grew, however, the club seemed to take on a life of its own.

Over time, we became the club in town for the upscale adult. Our original target market, those in the 24-40 age group, was replaced with a more adult market and atmosphere. As of now, our core membership is in the 35-55 age range.

We made the decision to reposition the club in the market. We tried a lot of names and almost all were too formal and stuffy for what we have built here. When we looked at it more closely, we realized we have a fun club, energetic members, and a crazy staff all situated at the nicest location in town, looking over the blue water of the Charleston harbor and beside the South Carolina Aquarium.

We decided to be creative with the name and wanted it to reflect the light-hearted attitude we enjoy here. We also had a little help from a marketing company that specializes in branding for small companies, such as ours, in the fitness business. And that's how we came up with Blue Fish Fitness Club.

Since the first of the year we have added:
  • Annual memberships for $69 per month with a one time enrollment fee of $79 
  • Over $100,000 in physical plant changes
  • 21 new spin bikes with built in computers
  • A dedicated cycle room for you hardcore riders
  • Two new Itonic machines for cutting edge training
  • Improvements to our group fitness room
  • A new functional training area in the back of the club
  • Upgrades to our locker rooms and amenities in those rooms
  • A fresh and livelier color of paint to our walls
  • New group fitness programming (with more to come!)
  • A new sports bar with free wireless internet
  • A new and improved line of smoothies
  • Better music and TVs throughout the club (Sonos Satellite)
  • Expert trainers
So come check us out! We'd love the opportunity to earn your business. As proof of our commitment to quality and service, we offer a 14 day trial membership. Try us risk free before you make a decision. Meet our staff, use our equipment and evaluate our service. At the end of your trial, if we haven't earned your business, then we don't deserve you as a member.

You'll see our commitment to our members comes before anything else.

More questions? Click here to download our Welcome Book.

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