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Small Group Personal Training  (2-6 people) is by far our most  popular workout choice because it  provides supervision and instruction in  a group of 2-6 participants of various ages & fitness / experience levels.  “SGT” is the cost effective option to  private training. Each total body  workout is designed to increase your core strength, build muscle & change body composition. These workouts should be anywhere from 1-3 of your weekly workouts and can be complimented by one of our large group exercise classes.

Private Training (1 person)  is scheduled based on trainer & client availability. Please see a staff member for more information.

Open Gym is perfect for those who don’t need the accountability of a scheduled time or fitness coach. Our director will gladly create workouts for you to do specific to your goals or you can do our “Workout of the Week” (WOW). A staff member will help you get set up & explain the workout. Workout at your own pace, on your own schedule  -- all it takes is the discipline to get yourself through the door! 


AfterBurn  is for those who like to feel the pump from total body exercises and push to their max effort for about 30 minutes. Through plyometric, kettle bell and body weight exercises you will receive the cardiovascular benefits no amount of running could help you achieve. Don’t worry about missing long sessions on the treadmill because you won’t!

(Tracie Long Fitnesswas inspired by 25 years of music-based classes (aka – “group fitness”) based on The Firm workout which originated in Charleston / Columbia, SC. Tracie takes her style of “group fitness class” and applies a therapeutic and personal touch to help you strengthen, lengthen & sweat your way into a new body using medicine balls, free weights, steps & band exercises. This is the perfect class for maturing women looking to maintain or achieve their overall fitness gracefully.

CORE Foundations is a great class for those looking to work on weaknesses (we like to call this “pre-hab”) such as poor posture, tight muscles & physical weaknesses that can contribute to knee & low back pain. CORE Foundations includes a moderate, total-body circuit workout and static stretch to send you into your day feeling like you did just enough! Plan to  learn how to do each exercise correctly through basic repetition and accomplish the core basics of fitness.

X-Strength is a circuit training – styled strength training class. This unique workout begins with a 10-minute warm-up based on improving mobility and rehearsing movement patterns you will do during your weighted workout. During the 30-minute workout you can plan on a total body weight training experience with enough repetition for you to “feel each exercise” the next day but enough variety (and great strength training music in the background) to keep the clock moving. Static stretching at the end of this workout will help you recover faster and avoid injury. If you are new to basic strength training and want an inexpensive class format to get the job done… X Strength is for you.

 Flex Bring back the feeling of ease in everyday activities by giving your body dedicated time aimed at improving mobility and flexibility. This 45-minute class includes movements to improve core strength & back health, alignment & posture, as well as various types of stretching to offset the effects of too much sitting.  

While perfect for recovery from intense workouts, this class is a great place to start if you haven't been in the gym in a while. Move better so you can move more!  


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