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At Blue Fish, we strive to offer a facility packed with services and professionals our members love to come back to.

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No need for Lipitor! Member, Michael M. loses 55lbs, reduces cholesterol to safe level.

Michael Before

I joined Bluefish Fitness Club January 2010, unfit from a 2 year hiatus from exercise and a poor diet. Not my normal lifestyle, I can assure you.

My cholesterol count elevated to worrisome levels along with some much unwanted weight. My doctor wanted to put me on Lipitor right away. Not me I said, give me six months to get myself right and we will talk again. He agreed to give me this window of opportunity.

With much encouragement and advice from the very friendly, cheerful staff and trainers at Bluefish, some
healthy rivalry with fellow members at Spin and Power workouts, not to mention copious amounts of perspiration on my account, some wonderful results have been achieved.

My Cholesterol count has dropped from 120 to 90 and I have shed an incredible 55lbs. of unwanted weight. The good news is I no longer need to be prescribed for the unwanted Lipitor. I am real glad about that, membership at the gym is far less expensive.

I feel much better, and I am told look far better and that helps in the self esteem area, too. Keep pushing the buttons.

I look forward to continuing this journey and having fun working out at Bluefish.
Sincere thanks to all at Bluefish, staff and members.

Michael A. Meadowcroft
August 2010

George Before

Businessman, George A., commutes from Columbia to train at Bluefish & loses 30lbs!

Wow! April is great. As a businessman working between Charleston, SC and Miami, FL, I put my physical well-being second to everything else. With the help of April, I was able to lose 30lbs in two months.

I personally love coming in and working with April. She makes me work hard, but it is worth every minute. If you stick with her and her programs, the weight will come off and you will feel great.  

George Paul Audi
August 2010      

         Bob Before
Bob A. lost 31 p
ounds in three months!

Thank you, Bluefish, for helping me lose 31 pounds since I joined the Club three months ago. You make it a real pleasure to come in and workout - friendly, knowledgeable staff, bright and clean workout areas and amenities galore.

The cycling classes have been doing wonderful things for my cardiovascular system, too. I am down below 120/80 now. My favorite routine is a weightlifting session or cycling class followed by a smoothie power shake.

I'm loving the compliments I'm getting about
how much better I look.

Bob Atchison
Spring 2009

"What a difference Bluefish has made in my life! The Group Active classes give me the energy
I need to keep up with my incredibly active granddaughter."

Robbie Staubes
Spring 2009                                                                                                     

"The Group Power program at Bluefish is my time for me. I get a much better workout than I would ever get alone. I can challenge myself with more weight or scale back and work on form - all to great music and the best instruction. I find I get to enjoy my 'time-out' while I'm actually getting stronger!" Cress Darwin, Spring 2009
"Bluefish is a fitness club unique to Charleston . We enjoy the group exercise classes that focus on total body fitness and are on the cutting edge. It is a place where we can work out together and chill out!" Liz and Spencer Lynch, Spring 2009

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